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Tips to grow your ISO Business

ISO Agent Sales Tips to Help Grow Your Merchant Services Business

February 14th, 2020

Ecommerce is quickly becoming the shopping method for a completely new generation of customers. In 2018, almost 40% of holiday sales were made online, and retail stores all over the world are feeling the pressure of online competitors from giants like Amazon to the smallest mom-and-pop websites. As a result, the opportunity for an ISO Agent to sell merchant services to the exploding number of retailers and businesses requiring electronic payments has never been more significant. But with that opportunity comes competition, making it essential for successful ISOs to stand out. The sales process is one key area in which being better than the competition is crucial, and the following tips represent a simple but highly effective way to do precisely that.

ISO Agents Need To Invest in Training

The fundamentals of sales haven’t changed much in years (if ever). Still, there have been significant shifts, both in how merchants expect the sales process to go and how current sales tools impact the delivery of products and services. Here at Betterpay, we work with training agents on a wide range of products such as traditional processing, cash discount, surcharge, and working capital. This level of training ensures that agents can present the best possible products and payment tech for the merchant. 

Continue Building Strong Leads

Most ISO Agents will tell you that there are few things as important as keeping a steady stream of qualified prospects coming in. Effective lead management should be a goal for every ISO Agent. Visiting more and more merchants increases the possibility of referrals, merchants overpaying for processing, and even the need to upgrade to a new terminal. 

Never Delay Closing a Deal

Once a lead’s objections have all been met, it’s every ISO Agent job to make sure the deal gets close as smoothly and quickly as possible. Anything else not only opens up the possibility of second thoughts, but it also represents a poor representation of your ISO’s professionalism. Inking a deal quickly is easy in person, but what if it happens over the phone or via email? In those cases, it’s crucial that you get the necessary paperwork out to the prospect and back as soon as possible. Delays in paperwork are simply unacceptable. 

Embrace Technology

New sales tools have risen to make it easier than ever to move prospects into the sales process, and if you’re not employing them, you’re leaving cash on the table. One of the most important tools available today is customer resource management software. CRM platforms are designed to streamline and improve all aspects of the sales process, all customer-facing tasks, and a wide variety of organizational tasks as well. Putting one to work not only makes your job more manageable, but it also makes it easier for you to handle the short and long-term strategic decisions that you face every day.

The Betterpay Agent Portal is the payment industry’s leading customer resource management platform. It offers ISOs a full suite of tools to revolutionize all aspects of sales and operations. From advanced lead management, to secure document handling and storage, to eSignature capabilities enabling the sending and receiving of legally signed electronic paperwork, to tools streamlining communications, analytics, billing, and more.

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