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5 Tips for Strong Merchant Services Sales in 2019

April 23rd, 2019

5 Tips for Strong Merchant Services Sales in 2019

Whether you’re dealing with a small or large company, as a merchant service agent it is critical to ensure that your merchants understand the solutions you offer and are fully aware of their pricing.

Merchant service sales agent should thoroughly focus on these five tips to establish successful merchants for the long run:

1. Provide Solutions Outside Of Just Payments

Now in days for a business to have the capital to flourish, a small business loan such as Working Capital is highly beneficial. This is primarily because Working Capital loans don’t have an interest rate and a nominal fee. The approval process is quick and straightforward. Offer a complete employee management system within their POS device to further help them with grow and management.

2. Offer NFC Wireless Payment

A merchant service agent should encourage merchants to go cashless and accept debit and credit cards for financial transactions using NFC technology. Providing customers with alternative options increases sales and customer retention. NFC wireless technology allows your merchants to accept Apple Pay and Google Pay. This new method is growing as customers can now check out by simply using their watch.

3. Offer Multiple On The Go Payment Options

Showcase a variety of mobile payment options such as Poynt, Clover and Swipe Simple readers. Understanding a merchant needs is vital as no two merchants are alike. Some merchants need a simple payment system while others require a complete POS mobile system.

4. Improve Merchant Retention

It is essential that Agents partner with a company that can efficiently communicate with merchants to effectively identify and remove issues. Various methods such as a strong retention strategy should be adopted to ensure client loyalty.

5. Incentivize your Merchant

Loyal customers are vital as they continue to interact with your services in one way or the other. This can be done through referral bonuses, discounted rates, loyalty cards, etc. The process can help maintain a healthy relationship between the merchant and agent.

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