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Top 5 Best Sales Books Every Merchant Agent Should Read

Top 5 Best Sales Books Every Sales Agent Should Read

June 26th, 2019

Amazon contains over 340k book titles containing the word “sales.” Since you’re probably not going to read all these books, we thought it might be helpful to provide the top 5 books from our list.

  1. Spin Selling

This is the book that famously turned selling from an art into a deep science. While different books are heavy with tales and theories, Neil studied hard data of actual sales performance and codified what works–and what doesn’t–in real-world. Its simply a must read for everyone who sells.

  1. The Little Red Book of Selling

Jeff Gitomer has a talent for distilling complex business matters down to their base and then explaining exactly how to use that structure to make yourself more successful. Mark: this book was tied for second place with Gitomer’s other classic work, The Sales Bible, which is also a must-read.

  1. Secrets of Closing the Sale

There’s a reason why Ziglar’s death last winter generated an outpouring of tributes from nearly every corner of the world. It’s been said that all successful people “stand on the shoulders of giants.” For the world of sales, Ziglar was the ultimate titan, the pioneer who laid out the basic principles on which all sales technique and training are based on.

  1. The Greatest Salesman in the World

In addition to being an incredible sales book, Mandino’s classic helps the reader identify the actual “why” behind selling, reframing the act of selling from something manipulative to the law of assisting other people to achieve their dreams.

  1. How to Master the Art of Selling

It’s tough to exaggerate the enormous influence that Tom Hopkins has had on the world of sales. He was the first to realize that what is now considered commonplace: that selling is primarily a process of managing your fears and focusing on what the customer needs.

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