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People are not born successful sellers. They learn eventually with time how to achieve their targets and become a successful agent. There are certain aspects and key steps to consider when selling. Some of these are mentioned below. Consistency is key It is vital to remain consistent in your efforts. Make one move every day […]

As an agent, gaining the trust of the Merchant holds immense importance. Therefore, you need to be prepared in advance and know what to ask. Here are 10 questions that you need to ask merchants to immediately gain their trust: The first crucial question – May I speak with Mr or Ms (Name of the […]

A merchant service sales agent must be aware of all the tricks of the trade to sell merchant services effectively and consistently, across all industries. This includes being aware of the market dynamics, studying competitors in the region, comparing pricing plans, and maintaining and building their network. Merchant services can be sold through various techniques, […]

In the world of commerce, Square is emerging as a giant in the financial services and mobile payment market. Square is doing well with its mobile point of sales systems for small businesses. It also has various advantages with a simple price structure of 2.75%. However, if you are a merchant agent, it would be […]

Small business loans are often provided to businesses who are looking for extra capital to either expand or purchase inventory. An ISO Agent must look at various factors to ensure a loan can be provided to a business owner, without going through any complex procedures. How To Present A Working Capital Loan Agents should discuss […]

As your merchants continue to grow, it is essential that you retain them in the long run. Often, old merchants are ignored over new merchants, and this creates a lack of interest and increases the possibility for the merchant to switch. All merchant agents must focus on the importance of having a retention strategy to […]

Close More Merchants Using the Clover Product Line Clover, is a cloud-based Android POS platform that provides smart and customized, all-in-one POS solutions, which accept all types of payments. The Clover line of products accentuates the working of any small or medium-size business by providing a variety of solutions. Clover is designed to help companies […]

5 Tips for Strong Merchant Services Sales in 2019 Whether you’re dealing with a small or large company, as a merchant service agent it is critical to ensure that your merchants understand the solutions you offer and are fully aware of their pricing. Merchant service sales agent should thoroughly focus on these five tips to […]

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