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2020 was a unique year for many reasons, but for business owners and consumers, it was an accelerated evolution of trends we’ve already seen for a few years now. Online shopping and contactless payments were the biggest winners of 2020, with each seeing exponential growth over the previous few years of data. Small businesses however […]

After an incredibly difficult 2020, many restaurants are beginning to have hope for the future. As more and more people get inoculated, with President Biden predicting that vaccines will be available to all adults before this summer, the new normal is beginning to come into view. Quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain Noodles & Company, for one, has expanded the following […]

Marketers often look at last year’s holiday trends to understand how to plan this year’s advertising campaigns. But looking to the past—like what happened during Black Friday 2019—won’t be enough to prepare for Holiday Season 2020. So this time around, we decided to go right to the source of holiday trends 2020: shoppers themselves. In […]

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when merchants built omnichannel environments so they could compete on experience. These forward-thinking merchants engineered convenient customer engagements, allowing shoppers to browse products or menus on their website or apps, order and pay online, and start purchasing journeys on one channel and complete it on another, such […]

Holiday season 2020 will look very different from years past because of COVID-19 and the economic uncertainty the pandemic has triggered. But life and business must go on. The holidays are a time we have historically looked forward to, and this year we need joy and warmth more than ever. With fresh, out-of-the-box thinking and […]

Retailers will invest more in logistics than any other line item in 2021 and mall operators will entirely reinvent themselves and their business operations. Those are two of the key takeaways from Forrester’s Predictions 2021: Retail report, which noted that as retailers, brand manufacturers and “ecosystem players” (such as mall operators) navigate the next wave(s) of […]

In a May 2020 Gallup Poll, 25% of small business owners reported their mental health was worsening due to the stress, anxiety, and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey quantified what most small business owners already know: that the responsibility to keep your team and customers safe while navigating a pandemic and economic downturn is a lot […]

QR codes have become the star player on the digital payments stage in China and throughout Southeast Asia. Consumers and businesses are wholeheartedly embracing mobile wallets powered by QR codes as the best way to pay, pretty much no matter where they are – or who they are. In fact, QR tech is so ingrained […]

The founding principle of every relationship between an ISO and a merchant is simple: The former will always be there to support the latter. A key component of this partnership is a POS solution with great service, intuitive design, and trackable insights. With this tool in hand, your merchants will be on the road to growing their […]

The New Clover Dashboard The new Dashboard has launched, giving small business owners a clear snapshot of all their important data with easy navigation. The new Dashboard design highlights key metrics at a glance, with simple navigation optimized for mobile viewing. Get quick feedback on stats like net revenue, today’s key numbers, or hourly net […]

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