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Over the last year, the Surcharge and Cash Discount Programs have become more popular. Many merchants and agents still have some questions about how these two programs work and how they are different. Here are some clear differences to help you understand the two programs. A Cash Discount Program is when a merchant displays credit card prices […]

Whether you are young or an experienced sales agent summer is the season for you to go 100 mph to generate sales. A common misconception is that businesses slow down in the summer. We do understand that some companies slow down, while other industries generate most of their sales during this season. The truth is […]

Five Ways For New Sales People To Find Success Most sales agents follow their intuition to guide them in what they should do to close a sale, but thanks to recent hard data, we now know the strategies successful sales reps use. 1.Picking up the phone still works “Surprisingly, it’s still one of the most […]

Amazon contains over 340k book titles containing the word “sales.” Since you’re probably not going to read all these books, we thought it might be helpful to provide the top 5 books from our list. Spin Selling This is the book that famously turned selling from an art into a deep science. While different books […]

5 Tips on Selling Touch Screen Point of Sale Systems If you are a sales agent with merchants, mostly in a retail environment, a POS system will help your merchants efficiently manage and grow their business. Touch screen POS systems are not only a source of benefit for a business. No matter how long you’ve […]

We’ve all been through this. You’ve engaged with the prospect, and everything seemed to fall perfectly during the first call. You know you can provide assistance. However, the prospect now becomes a non-responsive one. They stop responding to your requests, voicemails, and emails. You don’t understand what to do now. Here are 5 tips on […]

Cold calling potential customers can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to it. You need to consider various factors before starting. When to cold call new merchants? So you wake up in the morning, all ready to fulfill your goals for the day. However, you see that the weather is about to […]

To be a successful merchant service sales agent, you must have the necessary tools, knowledge, and understanding of how merchant processing services work. It is essential that you know various subjects such as credit card processing, and point of sale solutions, etc. These are all factors that enable businesses to work through merchant accounts and […]

Many people fail to understand the significance of selling. People often consider it to be a daunting task which requires expertise and skills. The latter is true, but selling is not as difficult as it is considered to be. All you need to sell is the power of convincing. Have you ever convinced your friend […]

We’re often are told by people at leading positions about how their creativity, character, and integrity helped them in becoming successful. However, most of the time this is not completely true. Yes, these skills count and play a part in becoming successful, but it’s mostly about surviving. If you’re selling merchant services, there are few […]

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