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Close More Merchants Using the Clover Product Line

April 23rd, 2019

Close More Merchants Using the Clover Product Line

Clover, is a cloud-based Android POS platform that provides smart and customized, all-in-one POS solutions, which accept all types of payments. The Clover line of products accentuates the working of any small or medium-size business by providing a variety of solutions. Clover is designed to help companies scale with an intuitive interface that’s simple to use and understand.

Benefits of selling Clover

A merchant service agent must emphasize Clover’s ease of use, safety, and robustness. This includes its built-in capabilities to do more by simplifying tasks, speeding up transactions through the printer options and the multitasking ability, accepting payments of all kinds, engaging customers, and being compatible with a variety of peripherals.

Clover accepts a range of payments from standard debit and credit cards to contactless payments. It is flexible and can work with numerous devices to support transactions on the go. It is also designed to process refunds, returns, set sales tax, and change items and prices in real time.

A merchant service agent can provide a variety of Clover options with solutions such as, informing the merchant that their entire business can be managed through one device, which includes accepting payments and managing employees to managing inventory. As a merchant is continuously working on a variety of things, an efficient and productive POS system goes a long way in simplifying the sales processes.null

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