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Will Your Merchants Be Around in 10 Years?

Will Your Merchants Be Around in 10 Years?

May 31st, 2019

Imagine the clients that you have at the moment and ask yourself this question – will these merchants be around in 10 years? Think about it. Everyone is aware of the digital revolution that is changing how things work in every industry. Whether it’s retail, banking, or any particular industry, the digital revolution is changing everything. e-commerce has been considered a major enemy of sales agents. In recent times, many individuals are already shifting towards this mode. What can we expect in the future? The concern behind this is that soon the majority of the people will be switching to a e-commerce / omnichannel payment solution. Where does this leave us? The agents.

However, no matter what new applications are introduced there will still be a requirement to convince the owners of small businesses to accept payments other than cash. With whatever technological evolution that is coming, there will still be some people/businesses that will slowly adopt this evolution, as some businesses are very quick in embracing change and others take their time.

As long as the agents are willing to embrace change and as long as small physical stores are in existence, sales agents are secure. We see that the technological revolution is here, but how many people actually make use of it? How many people are ready to embrace this change? Quite a few. Have you seen people opting for mobile payments frequently? Hence, there’s still some security of having merchants around in the coming 10 years as embracing technology will take some time. However, if we don’t embrace this change even in 10 years, things will not work for us as competition will increase and become more firm we embrace these technological innovations.

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