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5 Reasons Why Agents Love To Sell The Poynt Smart Terminal.

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The Poynt Smart Terminal

5 Reasons Why Agents Love To Sell The Poynt Smart Terminal.

March 29th, 2019

The latest Poynt Smart Terminal powered by Betterpay, allows merchants to dip or tap for payment, manage inventory, reporting and much more. Agents often can place or offer different types of terminals; this year the most famous piece of technology our agents set new accounts up with was the Poynt Smart Terminal. Discover the five main reason our agents have fallen in love with the Poynt Smart Terminal and why you should too.

1. The most complete wireless payment solution in the industry.

The Poynt Smart allows merchants to accept payments anywhere, with the security and convenience they should expect in a smart payment system. EMV technology means no dongles for your merchants plus Wifi connection allows them to stay connected no matter where they are. The Poynt also features an extended internal battery that allows your merchants to remain wire free for up to 8 hours.

2. A complete POS for merchants.

The Poynt Smart features a built-in receipt printer that provides your merchant customers with a print, email, or text receipt. The Poynt QR, barcode scanner allows your merchants to scan products right from the device itself with no need to connect anything. The dual screen and built-in camera for product photos and more make This device redefine the meaning of a complete POS.

3. A Open platform with more apps.

Just like Apple “There’s an app for that” Poynt’s open platform has allowed developers to grow Poynts apps marketplace unlike any other. Apps like gift cards, Homebase employee time management and App tizer which allows orders to pop-up directly on the Poynt Smart Terminal and plug-in straight into a merchant’s checkout flow are just some of the apps your merchants have access when using the Poynt Smart Terminal.

4. A perfect design and size.

Most devices that offer wireless features that the Poynt Smart includes are much smaller. They traditionally lack dual screen or touchscreen technology. The other systems are too big and require wire connections of a scanner, printer and second display. The Poynt Smart is perfect on the hand as well as in the counter allowing merchants to enjoy a 7in screen and a 4.3 screen on the opposite end.

5. Live help and technical Support.

The Poynt Smart Terminal brings an entirely new meaning to support as the device has a dedicated section for help, “Poynt help.” Merchants will be able to search for questions and answers and submit any issues thru a live chat to help with any problems or concerns. The Poynt Smart terminal is a proven and beautiful device that continues to sell as more and more as merchants are looking for a modern approach to increase sales.

For More info on the Poynt Smart terminal and other devices contact us at 877-423-8637 or via email at info@btrpay.com

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