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5 Tips on selling touch screen point of sale systems

5 Tips on Selling Touch Screen Point of Sale Systems

June 17th, 2019

5 Tips on Selling Touch Screen Point of Sale Systems

If you are a sales agent with merchants, mostly in a retail environment, a POS system will help your merchants efficiently manage and grow their business. Touch screen POS systems are not only a source of benefit for a business. No matter how long you’ve been in the industry, a POS system should be able to meet the needs of your merchants. One feature that is worth considering is the use of a touch screen point of sale systems. Here are five tips for selling touch screen point of sale systems.

  • Offer Technology with Options – Become the provider of choice. Let business owners know that you’re selling touch screen point of sale systems. Mention it to everyone and at every location. Even if they’re not interested in buying a smart touch screen pos system, at least they’ll know that you’re selling it. We offer incredible access to the Poynt smart terminal, Clover devices, and station as well as the new Verifone carbon 8 and 10. These POS devices are considered to be the very best in touch screen technology.
  • Devices that keep customers engaged -Help your merchants Keep their customers engaged.With the ability to display custom messages, a touch screen POS device allows your merchants to remain more engaged with their customers. By also allowing customers to enter information, it improves data accuracy.
  • Branding – Most traditional payment terminals or POS devices do not allow you to brand and market your business from the device. Many of our touch screen devices enable customers to purchase gift cards from the touch of a button and more.
  • Marketing – Most retailers still do not collect customers information, by allowing customers to type in their information with a touch screen POS; it will enable the merchant to advertise correctly. For Instance, a customer can be categorized as an accessory shopper or taco lover. Merchants can now send a text or email campaign based on the category and type of products their customer have purchased in the past.
  • Efficiency – Lastly, create awareness. Touch screen POS systems offer a lot of benefits to merchants, especially increasing efficiency. Research indicates that touch screen POS systems increase the efficiency time to check out by 20% as compared to using a traditional payment method. Therefore, you need to make the merchant aware of these benefits.

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